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    WDW Halloween merch question

    Does anyone know if they are selling this hat at WDW this year for Halloween? My wife wants one for the MNSSHP on 9/30/12 but we would rather buy it at WDW than at D Land so we don't have to pack it. Thanks.

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    Re: WDW Halloween merch question

    Yeah they sell them. i bought mine off and have seen pictures of them sold in stores both in and out of the theme parks, the other shops being those in hotel shops. Your best bet is to show the photo to the cast members at your hotel resort, if you're staying on property that is, or to show the photo at the theme park the day you arrive to see where in the park you can locate them.

    Last year's hat, a simple purple one with an orange bow, I found at Epcot, Magic Kingdom and at the Yacht Beach Club resort store. I suspect they are popular and however you plan on arriving at the parks or resort, I would hit the stores earlier before they sell out for the day.

    Here's all the info from the tag

    F862-4002-4-12085(not sure what this is)

    SKU# 4 0000664448 0
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    Re: WDW Halloween merch question

    Thanks for the info Micoofy Duck!

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