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    Re: Lights Motors Action! Meets it's death.

    Quote Originally Posted by KingEric View Post
    The reason why I think it has to be something besides "bean counters" is that I remember when it was"green lit" back in '07 and permits were filed, crews were about to start, and then nothing.

    I still think that it comes down to the fact that there is something wrong with the structure. That it is a sound building for daily activities, but not to have another structure built inside.

    Again, I don't know anything 100% but it is the only thing that really has made sense to me.
    regardless, they need to do SOMETHING substantial with the space as it is smack dab in the middle of pixar place. if there isn't a solid e-ticket put there, TSMM will continue to be swamped and too much dependance will be put upon the current ones.

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    Re: Lights Motors Action! Meets it's death.

    Quote Originally Posted by FigmentJedi View Post
    Regarding Tron being tossed around in here, why not, in conjunction with Wreck It Ralph, create an area with video games as a subject. It's a medium that isn't already covered in the park and if they were able to get Nintendo, Capcom or Sega on board for additional game licenses...
    That would be cool lot's on great ride/show concepts can come from that...

    and it would be cool meeting all the street fighters in person(my favorite capcom game of all time is Street Fighter 2 turbo)
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