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    Re: Epcot celebrates years today!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by PSUMark View Post
    I'd rather have Test Track done right than done in time for an arbitrary date. Based on the Illusioneering presentation by Daniel Joseph at the D23 Epcot 30 event on 9/30, I'm cautiously optimistic that they'll get this one right. Daniel seems to really care/"get it" and made the point that they're trying to restore optimism and an inspiring vision of the future with the new Test Track. We'll see...
    Future World at the very least is going to get some cosmetic rehab over the next couple years to try to fix the fact that it looks like the 90s threw up all over it. I hope they go back to the more minimal modernist look and don't just heap another decade's aesthetic on top. Test Track will be the bellwether for the direction they take. Optimism and inspiration are good signs. Hopefully some of the current imagineers got to see some of the 30th celebration stuff and got at least a little grasp on why the place worked in the first place.
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    Re: Epcot celebrates years today!!!!!

    While I'd love to see park anniversaries celebrated on the 5's, I don't think we'll see a true celebration until the WDW Resort hits 50. The Studios turns 25 in May of 2014 (barely a year and a half away) and I don't see any major additions in construction phase right now, so it seems to me that the 5's and 10's will continue to be low key events. At least we had a heck of a fireworks presentation on Monday night! It made up for that sad ceremony in which Marty was kept "caged" in the middle of row 2 so he couldn't get to the mic to voice his real opinions of today's Epcot.
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