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    Re: FLE Soft Opening starts today! Who's there?

    I hope its open the week we go! nov 28 - dec 4 ! >_< Maybe there wont be much crowds too!

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    Re: FLE Soft Opening starts today! Who's there?

    Quote Originally Posted by Witches of Morva View Post
    ORDDU: My sisters and I managed to swoop down into the Magic Kingdom today, 10/13, and were completely delighted by what we saw of the New Fantasyland--

    ORGOCH: I think what had ya the MOST delighted was ta see Gaston out 'n about so's ya could drool all over the poor sap!

    ORWEN: Anyway, the details for the Fantasyland expansion are at least as fantastic as the details we saw at IOA's Harry Potter Land. (Of course we're not exactly big fans of Harry Potter to begin with so we'll admit to being biased.)

    ORDDU: Even so, the magic and fantasy elements of this new expansion are much more to our liking than we expected. We loved the Little Mermaid attraction and really don't understand why a certain few have been criticizing it so much. For us it was thoroughly enjoyable.

    ORWEN: The landscaping alone is enough to make us want to rent a room in one of the 2 new castles instead of going back to the marshes of Morva!

    ORGOCH: Fergit that, sister!! Like as if a big fat butt like yers would even fit through the front doors of either one a them puny things!!

    (Sounds of thrashings and smashings followed by a deadly calm...)
    It's too bad I was at WDW 3 weeks ago (when nothing back there was open as of yet). I plan to make it back to WDW after the Dwarf Mine Train opens.

    As for the Little Mermaid ride (I went on the one at DCA on Saturday), the issue with the ride is that it seems to be lacking a lot of the detail and immersion that many of the older Fantasyland style rides have. You feel disconnected, and some of the props / animatronics seem cheap. It's not a bad ride, but it's not something that I will regret missing (like I would regret Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, or even Peter Pan) I will say that that is one of the most impressive Disney queues I've ever seen though.

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    Re: FLE Soft Opening starts today! Who's there?

    In case nobody looks at the main page and was wondering the same stuff that I've been wondering (is it going to be open xday, etc):
    The plan is to run it on a soft opening basis basically full-time with the rest of the Magic Kingdom going forward, so unless your timing is rotten, there’s a great chance that on your next visit you’ll be able to see everything.
    New Fantasyland - What to Expect... and then ask about

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