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It is no where near the six of big thunder. Get that idea out of your head.

it is much narrower and compact than big thunder.
This is true. Like Big Thunder, it will be a terrain coaster, and like Big thunder, you will ride in a mine car. But it will not be anywhere near the size of Big Thunder. Its main lift hill is built and its about the height of Goofy's Barnstormer. Computer Animation of the attraction suggests a ride time of MUCH shorter then Big Thunders 3 minutes.

I am looking forward to the project, and I think its great for Fantasyland. It will be awesome to have a kiddie coaster that raises the bar on Disney's previous Disney kiddie coasters such as Barnstormer in the near by Storybook Circus and Gadgets Go Coaster in Mickey's Toontown. That said, I think those who mention Big Thunder and this coaster in the same breath really are expecting too much.

I expect :

1) 1 indoor show scene (going through the mine, pretty obvious safe bet based on released art work)
2) 1 outdoor show scene (not as safe a bet but i am guessing you'll see something as you pass by the cottage)
3) a round trip ride time of approx one to one and half minutes.
4) Thrill scale on the same level as Barnstormer / Gadget Go Coaster but with wider, more gentle turns so that the swinging carts can better lean into the curves.

Will it be fun. Absolutely! Will be an e-ticket like Big Thunder... nope. I am more then ok with that. This is Fantasyland and my money is on the bet that this mine coaster will literally be the best "first time coaster" ride in the world for mom's and dads to enjoy with their little ones.