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    Re: Mermaids have been spotted

    The effect was pretty neat. They blow air through the water were the projection happens so it looks very convincing. I think the one one the right side of the boat looks better than the left for some reason.

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    Re: Mermaids have been spotted

    The projections were pretty, and the skeleton was cool. But, is it just me, or is there more darkness and fog at the beginning than there used to be? The ride feels shorter now.

    Also, the bit-by-bit additions have kind of muddled up the tone of the ride. It feels like they're trying to edge away from jolly swashbuckling and more toward dark edginess. It feels to me like they should pick one or the other and stick with it.

    You can really tell which AA's are old and which ones are new. At this point, I think all the old ones should be replaced with new ones (with the same face molds used).

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