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    Real Life question--

    8 days in Disney- Staying on property- what do we BRING vs BUY.

    We have three kids- 12, 5, & 1 1/2- Plus my wife and I. Sunscreen, rain ponchos, all the personal hygiene stuff- But what other thing would be GREAT to bring along on the airplane 1600 miles?

    Thanks for the good tips---


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    Re: Real Life question--

    Valium ... and a surgical mask ... (INSERT SARCASTIC SMILIE).

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    Re: Real Life question--

    valium, vodka, and airborne...

    seriously I would take the airborne before I got on the plane...

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    Re: Real Life question--


    We always bring a huge suitcase full of bottled WATER. I know it sounds weird, but for 5 bucks you can buy about 50 bottles of water at the grocery store, vs 2 dollars per botle for Dasani at Disneyworld. We drink a lot of water, so this strategy saves us a significant amount of money over the length of a trip. You can buy more souvenirs for your children with the money you save!
    The best part, is you will have an entirely empty suitcase to pack all your extras for the trip home!
    I hope that helps.


    PS Water is heavy, so make sure you don't overpack a suitcase and get stuck with any weight penalty fees from your airline.

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    Re: Real Life question--

    a list of hidden mickeys to find as a family, and possibly discover new things in the park youve never seen before!

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