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    Re: STARBUCKS to Replace Main Street Bakery

    Not yet.

    I'm sure demand is high enough for a silhouette machine. I think a silhouette is more personal than getting a hat embroidered. Thats my opinion.
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    Re: STARBUCKS to Replace Main Street Bakery

    Calm down everybody! All you have to do is look at what they've done over at Disney California Adventure. It's NOT a Starbucks. It's the Fiddler, Fifer, Practical Cafe and Bakery. The only thing that's Starbucks is the menu. But they also sell Disney food items as well.
    The same thing will happen over at WDW. The Disney theming is the most important thing, and they'll maintain that. Main Street Bakery isn't going away. It will still be the Main Street Bakery. Just the menu will change.

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    Re: STARBUCKS to Replace Main Street Bakery

    I'm from the home of starbucks, so I find this exciting! I also live in a very tiny little suburb outside the city where we have five starbucks alone. three in the same parking lot. no joke. I'm no stranger to finding starbucks in weird places it doesn't belong. So, while I haven't been angry that "I can't find my Starbucks" I lived without out it while visiting... but now I won't have to!!!! Which is awesome!!! That being said, I guess I'm a snob, because when I did get to the Starbucks in Florida (more than once.. or twice) ... it tasted funny...

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