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    Red Face Need Help from an Disney Worldian!!!

    Hello my wife and I were just married and she wanted to get some personal ornaments from Days of Christmas or from inside the Magic Kingdom. We live here by Disneyland but they dont write on the ornaments (boo!). Let me know if anyone can help us, we would like two ornaments. I tried to contact the store myself but i could only get the general merchandise dept.

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    Re: Need Help from an Disney Worldian!!!

    From my understanding I've always seen people purchasing the ornaments and then getting them personalized in person, however apparently you live near Disneyland?

    All I can think of is possibly calling that place again and seeing if you can talk to an actual person and personally ask them yourself on how you could possibly order a couple.

    From what I've seen at the Downtown Disney Christmas store (I do not know about MK) I've never seen them pick up a phone and talk to people whenever I've been in the shop, whether it was busy, or slow. The last time I've seen the store it was extremely busy and crowded and they were strictly focusing on the customers.

    All I can think to do is look for more phone numbers online (WDW, Downtown Disney, ect.) that might be able to connect you with merchandise, someone with a knowledge of merchandise-- a person that you can actually talk to in order to ask them personally.

    Unless someone else has better advice?

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    Re: Need Help from an Disney Worldian!!!

    Thanks ill keep looking for a number but according to the rep at the Disney World they dont take orders over the phone but ill keep trying. Thanks for the input

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