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    Thumbs up Tomorrowland Noodle Station

    Well it opened today. The Noodle Station at the Old Plaza Pavillion/Tomorrowland Terrace. I had lunch ther today and I must say that I was quite surprised at how good and filling it was. I got the Shrimp Pan Thai and for desert had teh Ginger Creme Brulee and a small coke, cost was about 12.50. My friend had the Chicken Stir Fry LoMein and an eggroll, also a coke. Cost was about the same or within 50 cents. His main dish was a dollar less than mne but the eggroll ate up the difference since the creme brulee was about 50 cents less yjam the eggroll.

    Overall teh food was good. I had a lot of shrimp in my dish, about 2 dozn pretty good sized ones. Although it was thai, it was not overly spicey. I was very happy to see this food establishment reopened since the terraces where the dining tables are offer some of the best views of the hub and Cinderella's Castle.

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    Er...why is it in/near Tomorrowland? Shouldn't it be in Adventureland or someplace better themed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by J.B.Opie
    Er...why is it in/near Tomorrowland? Shouldn't it be in Adventureland or someplace better themed?
    I agree with this. This particular menu would have been a better fit for the now dead Adventureland Veranda. Somehow it just doesn't match the location...and keep in mind, the same Plaza Pavilion location at TDL only serves american burgers and fries!!!

    However, I am glad the original poster found the food great and I will make a point to try it tomorrow when I visit the MK again (was there today but got rainy after 6:30pm and left) Also, I see this as a great way to give the Asian and Japanese guests something to eat besides the faturated burgers, chicken strips and fries we all love to eat at WDW. This may or may not be a test of things to come at HKDL's restaurants as well. Regardless, we the guests win with more choices to eat

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    I miss the Adventureland Veranda. Was my favorite fast food place to eat at in the Magic Kingdom.... cool atmosphere sitting by the moat, and key lime pie! It had to be the best quality fast food in the park. <sigh>


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