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Take this as you will... I'm only posting what I read, so don't shoot the messenger.

On Twitter today, someone who said they're a CM at AK said that Avatarland was scrapped months ago and they learned this information from upper management. Said they realized it was a huge waste of space and money.

Like I said... take it as a rumor or what have you. I personally hope it's true because to me it does seem like a huge waste of space and money. And who really wants to continually have to butt heads with James Cameron's oversized ego?
Well I heard months ago it was scrapped... that is why I posted that thread on here.

That being said, I think I was part of a game of office politics. There are a lot of power silos at The Walt Disney Company, and when you look at those power silos, a lot of them do not want Avatar, simply for the reason, that they were not consulted about this prior to the acquisition and announcement.

But when Tom Staggs gets up in front of Media for the new Fantasyland opening, and says it is on track, then we kind of have to assume, that it is on track.

I think that there still is a lot of political chess going on inside TDO, WDI, and Burbank regarding this project, and I think it will continue to be that way until the foundation is laid for this project.

It is because of that, that I have stepped out of weighing in on this project (other than whether or not it will attract crowds). Because the people I talk to and know, all seem to have their own agendas with this project.