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    Re: Some unfinished business in WDW's Fantasyland

    Quote Originally Posted by Santana View Post
    I'm fine with Peter Pan and Small World as they are. As others have said, their facades are justified because they're in the castle courtyard.

    The only part of Fantasyland that feels unfinished to me is the Mad Tea Party area. I really wish they had at least given it the glass roof (like the one at Disneyland Paris) like they originally planned to. That whole corner of the park is so weird; it's outside the castle walls but it's still part of Fantasyland, but it isn't made to look like part of the forest like the Winnie the Pooh ride, and it's just a few steps away from Tomorrowland, with no real seperation between the two lands.

    The concept art we got a couple days ago for a Wonderland-themed area would have been fantastic, and would have solved all of the issues mentioned above. Sigh.
    Wait, that glass roof on the concept art was supposed to be installed? Anyway,, the autopia could be scrapped and be turned into a garden or something (just build a wall between TL and FL to cover it up), it would look nicer then a "future-themed" 1960s stock car simulator from the early 70s. Seriously the transition between the two lands is awful, if they at least went through with the Holidayland they planned in the initial planning it wouldn't be nearly as awkward.

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    Re: Some unfinished business in WDW's Fantasyland

    Here's another new idea of mine: I was originally thinking of including a Pinocchio dark ride in this new Fantasyland, but I fear that it would not physically fit in. Then I discovered something else that might work as an alternative, based on an abandoned concept for a possible replacement swing ride for the Orange Stinger at the California Adventure (before they decided to go with Silly Symphony Swings). It's a concept for a Pinocchio-themed swing ride, and it was to be called Geppetto's Workshop. An abandoned concept would finally come to life at WDW's new Fantasyland. Here's what The Neverland Files had to say about it:

    When Mouse House management realised they needed to redo Disney's California Adventure and inject some much needed money into the park, one of the goals of the redo was to increase the presense of the characters in the park, something many guests felt was missing. So the Imagineers were challenged with finding some new theme for that giant orange jutting out of Paradise Bay. The Blue Sky Cellar, the display room at the park explaining to the guests why all the work is going on, displays some of this artwork, and I managed to photograph some of the concepts they didn't go with.

    The first concept would have themed the ride to Pinocchio, renaming it 'Geppetto's Workshop'. Guests would have become one of the carpenter's puppets, hanging down with their swing chains acting as their strings - a really nice idea! The ride structure itself would have been given a very Victorian look, with a giant clockwork key at the top turning the whole ride into one of Geppetto's toys, and with murals depicting Pinocchio scenes painted all around it.

    Here's a piece of artwork for it:

    For more information and pictures, go here to The Neverland Files: The Neverland Files: Silly Symphony Swings overlays. Obviously, it would have to be augmented to fit in with Fantasyland, since it was originally intended for Paradise Pier, but it could probably be done, and it would be a fourth spinner ride with panels from another Disney movie. It just looks like something that could actually be built. For the location, I'm thinking maybe out beyond the Village Haus somewhere.

    Thoughts, comments, concerns?
    My top favorite Disneyland attractions:

    1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean
    3. Splash Mountain
    4. Mad Tea Party
    5. Peter Pan's Flight
    6. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

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