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    marketing annual passes

    I wish Disney would do what Universal and Busch do with their passes and put them on Easy pay. that way you pay 1/12th the price every month. makes it easier and more affordable to buy the AP then.

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    Re: marketing annual passes

    I may be mistaken but I thought there was some kind of fee built into that EasyPay program that makes their Aps a bit more expensive in the long run, similar to having to pay an interest in it. Also, from friends who work at Sea World...I've heard they are having problems with some APers who sign up for this program, pay the first installment, visit the park numerous times and then stop paying altogether...forcing Sea World to cancel their passes, which usually occur once these offending customers have visited the park often enough and have no reason to go back again. With that in mind... I would not be surpirsed if they decided to pull the plug on this EasyPay service in the future.

    In regards to WDW..I do not concider purchasing their APs to be expensive at all, concidering how much more entertainment you get out of them. You want to talk expensive AP? Then look no further that Tokyo Disney Resort's Premium AP which sells for about US$580 for a year, and is only good for entry to TDL and TDS with parkhopper benefit, and they DO NOT offer any types of discounts in the deals at hotels, for food, for merchandise at all and you entry into their parks is not garrantied if you show up at the resorts and the parks are already closed due to capacity limits. You can clearly see why WDW APs are a great deal, priced fairly and offer a myriad of discounts and benefits not found at TDR for example.

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