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    Re: Carousel of Progress...or Nastiness!

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbaraann View Post
    I have been reading this thread since it was first posted, and I find myself wishing that perhaps I hadn't. . . My last trip the the Magic Kingdom was in 2009, and I do admit, that I found things a bit off. . .
    Ba Ba Ba
    Ba Barbaraann,
    We Disney freaks can always have a good time by researching and then doing what we want when we go. You'll have a good time , despite Thomas Staggs, Paul Pressler, Bob Iger, post-Wells Michael Eisner, Jay Rasulo, Meg Crofton, etc.

    Please do ride the CoP
    if it's open and the Peoplemover report back to us. I'd also like to hear if you like two of my former favorites in 2013: Ellen's Excellent Exxon Energy Adventure and The Land's boat ride. (Now hosted by Big Gay Al himself!)

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    Re: Carousel of Progress...or Nastiness!

    The Carousel of Progress is a good place to get out of the elements. I have enjoyed the attraction in the past. Most likely, I will give it a look see. The last few times I viewed the attraction, there were not very many people in the theatre. I do agree that it would be nice if they updated it a bit. By the way, I find myself humming the song after I view the attraction.

    It is true that attitude has a lot to do with a person's enjoyment.
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