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    Question Help!!! Disney College Program, Internships, Jobs...?

    Eager to get my foot in the door for a career at Disney, I've long considered participating in the Disney College Program, or at least a Disney Professional Internship. However, after tons of online research and blog-reading, I feel more confused than ever about whether it's such a good idea to participate in these programs.

    People seem to either love it or hate it...I'm not too concerned about the work hours, because I've had (and still have) a part-time job that (even while part-time) requires long hours of fast-paced work. I am worried about whether the CP is worth taking time away from school for, especially since my college won't give me credit for the program. I want this to be a professionally productive experience for me. I'm also worried about the amount of partying and drinking that goes on...I'm not a wild partier like some college students may be, and I wouldn't feel comfortable having to deal with such things, especially while living in a new environment. Some of the videos and blogs I've seen seem to highlight parties as their favorite part of the program rather than professional opportunities.
    But I would love to make new friends and share the experience with people who have a similar interest in Disney careers.

    There are so many questions I could ask about the DCP or Professional Internships...If you have done either of them, or if you work at Disney, or have any knowledge or advice to give concerning these programs, could you please help me?

    Also: Would not participating in the DCP make it harder for me to have a Disney Professional Internship?

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    Re: Help!!! Disney College Program, Internships, Jobs...?

    The College Program is what you make it. I LOVED mine, made the best friends I have today from the CP.

    If you want to do it, then do it! And make the most of it!
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    Re: Help!!! Disney College Program, Internships, Jobs...?

    I stumbled upon the suggested page a few days ago. It may be interesting to anybody look for a WDW Job.

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    Re: Help!!! Disney College Program, Internships, Jobs...?

    I didn't get any college credit for my program and I loved it. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. You learn a lot, even if you're in fast food. You learn more of how a "high-capacity" business works.

    When applying for this program, many people think that this is a great opportunity to get free time to play in the park. This is NOT the way to think because you will be disappointed. You are there to work. You do get time to play as well, but quite a bit of the CP is work and at times hard work. You have to go in it thinking that you are going to learn a lot about how Disney runs and operates. Keep in a positive mindset at all times and it will prove to be one of the best experiences of your life.

    For me, it was hard, but after it's all done I learned a ton from the experience and I still have friends that live all around the globe.
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