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    Re: WDW Conditions - Cause and Effect

    At least try harder to empty garbage cans BEFORE they are full. Having more sweepers to fight the trash might at least make them feel like they aren't engaged in a hopeless battle.

    In the 1970's, WDW's fight against trash was exciting. Horse poop was gone in 20 seconds (people timed it) and litter was magically sucked away into a system that seemed far more impressive than the toilets on a 747. At least that's what we thought. Now I think of Disney's cleanliness as nothing special. Some malls seem cleaner. Again, it wasn't that way in the 70s. It isn't that way in Tokyo Disneyland.

    Check out these photos from a currently active thread about EPCOT's attraction, Maelstrom:

    Filthy Ceiling vents

    . . .
    A rock that is burnt cutaway, left open

    Paint chipped, worn, coming off

    I'm repeating myself, but maybe WDW should try harder
    to prevent neglect that leads to shoddy details that'd be glaring & awful even if
    they were at Magic Mountain or in a state fair midway haunted house.

    If I keep coming across things like this, it might cause me to vacation elsewhere. $3,000-$4,000 can cover plane tickets and nice hotel rooms in some beautiful, interesting locations outside of Florida.
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    Re: WDW Conditions - Cause and Effect

    My real question is why at DL there is non of these problems and yet WDW has them. I mean they are the same company but what does DL have that WDW does not? (besides Burbank because they check sites like this to see what the guests are talking about) Could be just the CM fault towards this attitude. Most problems do start at the top but some can come from the bottom.
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