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    Cool Summer Employments Questions

    Two of my friends and I (18, 19 & 19) live in San Diego, California, but one of my friends owns a house about five minutes away from Disney World in Orlando. We wanted to fly down there and work at Disney just for the summer months we have off of school. We really want to do this as it's always been a weird dream of ours to work at Disney World, even if it is just labor, but we don't really know the specifics on summer jobs.

    It would be great if anyone, whether a current CM or previous CM or just someone with knowledge about DW jobs, could give me information on how seasonal summer jobs at Disney World work. I'm also interested in knowing if they audition seasonally for the Parade's/entertainment as my friends and I are all involved in theatre.

    We kindof need to know how we can apply/when we should apply seeing as we don't currently live in Orlando and have to figure out if we need to go to an interview or what.

    Also if anyone knows which types of jobs they generally hire seasonally (as I would prefer to work, say as a cashier over a custodian) and how many hours entry level CM's usually work I would REALLY appreciate it.

    Any information is appreciated! Thank you!

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    Re: Summer Employments Questions

    The problem is that the most basic posistions are filled by CPs. Housekeeping for the hotels is usually not.

    Do be realistic and expect that you will more likely end up with a job at Seaworld or Universal.

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    Re: Summer Employments Questions

    You should apply to so the Disney College Program. They usually hire seasonal people for food and be beverage. Sometimes entertainment. Sometimes attractions. Just apply maybe now or in may. But I say the sooner the better.

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    Re: Summer Employments Questions

    Walt Disney World hires for seasonal positions on an extremely limited basis. However, there is no reason to do the college program. You'd just need to apply online at The Walt Disney Company Home | Jobs and Careers and look for Seasonal or CT (Casual Temporary) positions. I have to warn you though, if all you have to offer is one summer, it's hard to get hired.

    Entertainment is through a separate site, Disney Auditions . You would need to audition in person and summer seasonal entertainment roles are rare.

    I hope this answers your questions.

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