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    Re: New Fireworks Show

    Quote Originally Posted by Tootles View Post
    Even though I'd enjoy a change, I'm reluctant to see what the folks at WDW would come up with. Definitely not a fan of their "reimagined" projects (MSEP, Journey Into Imagination, I'm looking at you.) I'd much rather see something entirely new than have them take yet another wonderful attraction and utterly obliterate it.

    Then again, we all remember Light Magic....
    Wasn't the Main Street Electrical Parade re-imagined for Disney California Adventure, then brought to the Magic Kingdom? Besides..I saw the truly re-imagined version of the original electrical parade at Tokyo Disneyland and it blew us away. I guess "re-imagined" old shows can be spectacular when the proper budget and talent is involved in such projects.

    However, in regards to Steve Davison, wasn't he involved with some of the current Tokyo Disney Resort's most impressive parades and shows like Disney Sea's Fantasmic or Jubilation Parade at Tokyo Disneyland?

    I also remember reading here that the Magic Kingdom was next in line to receive a brand new parade soon? Anyone knows anything about that?

    Finally, I also agree with many here.. Wishes, The Magic Kingdom parade, and Illuminations Reflections on Earth MUST be replaced, especially Epcot's lagoon show.

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    Re: New Fireworks Show

    Well if you guys recall I said Steve Davison was in London. While I completely forgot that Disney does business in London. I am pretty sure many of you know about World of Color and some might know that the Soundtrack was recorded in London. The place is the famous Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded most if not all their albums. After this Steve would be in Paris obviously for Disneyland Paris. Now he will check on their "new" show Disney Dreams I believe it is called. Anyways back onto the Recording Session that is for a new Parade replacing Jubilation which ends on April 5,2013. So now I believe you guys are next for something new. They(Steve and Ron Colvard{Voices of Liberty Singer}) are currently researching something presumably for WDW.
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