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    Re: What are your "Disney World" Credentials?

    My first trip was in 1986, when I was 1. My family would go every 1-3 years when I was growing up, so I was a Disney fan early on. When I was in college I did the College Program 6 times (and also was a chaperone for my HS band/choir when they went to WDW, during my last year in college). After my last CP, I stayed in Orlando, so I still go to WDW all the time. My favorite park would have to be MK, just because it's always been the one I've enjoyed going to the most. And yes, I've gone to WDW on my own before (plus one solo trip when I was still living in NJ).
    Many as a kid (1986-1998)Aug 98- Port OrleansMarch 03- Jr Band Trip (offsite)Aug 03- Port OrleansJan 12-Aug 5, 05- CP (CS)Jan 1-5, 06- AS Sports (Solo Trip)May 24, 06 to Jan 5, 07- CP (CS)Jan 31-Feb 3, 07- offsite (solo trip)March 1-3, 2007- Dad + Me (offsite)May 16-Aug 10, 07- CP (CS)Aug 10-12, 07- GF/P&PMay 21-Aug 15, 08- CP (PC)Aug 15-18, 08- AKLMarch 25-29, 09 (off-site)Aug 10, 09-Jan 2, 10- CP (CS)Jan 3-May 14, 2010- CP (CS)Feb 12-16, 2012: DCL DreamOct 20-27, 2012: DCL Fantasy (East)Sept 8-12, 2013: DCL DreamJan 20-24, 2014: DCL MagicFeb 17/18, 2015 AS Music

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    Re: What are your "Disney World" Credentials?

    When was your first visit?

    My first visit was in 1988. They were in the middle of building Disney Studios.

    How often do you visit?

    I'd love to visit more often, but my visits have been only every few years or so. I've visited in 1988, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2003.

    How long, in days, are your visits on average?

    I don't know if there's an average visit, but I try to be there a week when I go. Longer would really be nice.

    How do you feel about Disney World as a whole?

    As a whole, I think Disney World is great. Such a wonderful escape from Reality Land.

    What type of tickets do you usually buy?

    When I can, I try to buy a Length of Stay Pass. Although I think now it's called the Magic Your Way pass.

    Do you have a favorite park?

    My favorite park is EPCOT. Perhaps because I live fairly close to Disneyland, and Magic Kingdom is too similar. True, EPCOT isn't the park that it once was, but I still love it.

    Do you have a favorite memory?

    Lots of them. Spending a honeymoon there was wonderful. Walking with my kids through Magic Kingdom. Having the waitress bring me a birthday cake and everyone in 50s Diner singing to me, even though it wasn't my birthday. Strolling hand in hand with my daughter around the lake at our hotel.

    Do you have any park traditions?

    Just get there as early as possible, and stay as long as possible.
    Have you ever traveled there alone? And I always have to eat in the Sci-Fi Dine-In, and 50s Prime Time Cafe at the Studios.

    Have you ever traveled there alone?
    Only on one trip and it was INCREDIBLE!! I got to do everything I wanted, when I wanted. No consulting with anyone or compromising! The only drag was at mealtimes, but usually the waiters and waitresses would chat it up with me.

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