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    Finding Villains?

    Hello all! I'm heading to Walt Disney World next week and love myself some villains. I'd love to know the best places to find them. My friend and I are doing the Cinderella's Happily Ever After dining at 1900 Park Faire, so should be seeing the Tremaines (Hopefully!).
    But what about the Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Cruella, etc?
    Also, any info about other fun characters that aren't normally seen (especially at Disneyland) that might be out would be appreciated!

    Thanks so much!
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    Re: Finding Villains?

    Villains aren't regularly seen in WDW (at least from my experience). You would be able to see them in the parade, but anywhere else would be completely random. They are more prominent around Halloween, naturally. Most of the characters that are considered "rare" would be more likely found in California. If any other members care to chime in on this topic, I'd also love to know where to find the villains in the parks!

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    Re: Finding Villains?

    In Town Square i see some Villains occasionally, like Cruella and Queen of Hearts, but never anyone else in my experience, they mostly show up on shows or parades but never meet in greet unless its halloween.
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    Re: Finding Villains?

    Kennythepirate Blog is a wonderful resource for finding characters at WDW.

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