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    Talking Disney World tickets

    I might be going to Disney World this June and was confused with the tickets. We all want to go to the 4 parks and the water parks. If we add the parkhopper option and the water park fun and more option, can we go to both water parks in one day? Or does the parkhopper not count for the water parks? Thanks!

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    Re: Disney World tickets

    Yes, and no.

    With the water park and more option you get to enter the water parks and more once for each day of your ticket. So with a 4 day ticket you can go to the water parks or more, 4 times. You do get in and out privelges at the water parks. Adding the hopper option doesn't change anything.

    You can go to both water parks in one day it will just use two of the water park and more credits.

    The more is for the minigolf and a 9 hole gold course, and DisneyQuest.

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