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    Re: 1.) What is your fondest WDW memory?

    Probably having the poop scared out of me on Snow White when I was four!

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    Re: 1.) What is your fondest WDW memory?

    A few things I love about WDW...

    • Never seeing cheap hotels, adult gift shops and trailer parks beyond the berm. WDW is a truly immersive experience, and it's easy to forget you're in Kissemmee / Orlando. A very stark contrast to Anaheim!
    • Being greeted "Welcome home, Mr. Olson" upon our arrival at any of the resort hotels. It took us a little while to figure out how this neat trick is accomplished!
    • The kind front desk Cast Member at Animal Kingdom Lodge, who called our room looking for my daughter to say they had found her missing Stitch toy that she'd lost at DHS earlier that day.
    • Watching the Electrical Parade with my kids after not seeing it since my own childhood. Didn't matter that it was in Florida or abbreviated - it brought a flood of memories back to me from the early 1970s, when I'd watched it with my own father!
    • Animal Kingdom. The whole place is Adventureland... C'mon!!!
    ~ Erik

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    Re: 1.) What is your fondest WDW memory?

    Quote Originally Posted by disneygirl View Post
    My fondest memories are when my husband and I got engaged on our senior band trip to Disney and we got to spend a whole day at Epcot. We would drag all our friends on Horizons countless times. They hated it but we loved it. Also for our honeymoon I remember the pink pepto castle.
    My wife and I honeymooned there in 1996. They had started the cakification process already. It looked like the regular castle,but was all pink. We also called it the Pepto Palace. It really was ugly.

    Another memory from the trip was an incident regarding housekeeping. We had a couple of minor complaints. We told them when we were checking out. Since we were going into Magic Kingdom for that last day before our flight home, the hotel manager told us to buy lunch using our hotel card, and they would treat us to lunch. Great. So we did. We also did some shopping and figured we'd square up that part of the bill when we got home. We found out later that they basically comped our entire day, and not just lunch. That was a nice surprise.

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