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    Re: Why isn't Disney spending more money?

    Quote Originally Posted by RexSaucy View Post
    WDW is not in the best shape right now. Do you think that with the rollout of MyMagic+ on the horizon, they'll have finally freed up some capital to spend on actual tourist draws now that they've got all the user metrics they could ever imagine, or do you think that this is the new paradigm for Disney - few and far between new attractions, old attractions shut down unceremoniously, and dirty/unkempt parks? I'm going back for a week in September, and as thrilled as I am to be going (It's always been my favorite place as a kid, but as an adult I was surprised to find out how incredibly romantic it can be), I'm honestly more excited about seeing Universal IoA.

    Also, someone posted an (apparently new) picture on twitter of a model of EPCOT, with two mountains in the World Showcase. That is exciting, if only a fantasy dream.
    Where is this picture of Epcot?!?!?!

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    Re: Why isn't Disney spending more money?

    Bad news, I found the picture (or at least, a very similar one) and it turns out it's from the late 80's, and the idea was probably scrapped years ago. Sorry for the misinformation! For reference (and alternate-universe nostalgia) - The Mountains Of Future Past « Progress City, U.S.A.

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    Re: Why isn't Disney spending more money?

    Yeah sadly Mount Fuji never got built... we can still wish and dream!
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    Re: Why isn't Disney spending more money?

    Of all the parks, EPCOT needs the most love. With a barebones ending to their flagship attraction, an empty Pavillion between UoE and M:S, little to no love for world showcase, cartoon fish in Living Seas, and need I mention JII that horse has been beaten more than humanly possible.

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