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    Re: Do you guys really want a Carsland?

    I like Cars Land for its details NOT for the Cars aspect. I wish DCA had gotten a generic Route 66 theme rather then a franchise based land... Cars land succeeds because of the scale and detail; the characters are a minor factor. Disney does not understand this. Based on past TDO decisions Cars land would ignore the details and put more emphasis on the characters which would destroy what made the concept successful in the first place. DHS needs its own identity, details, and a clear direction. It doesn't need another half thought out money grab.
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    Re: Do you guys really want a Carsland?

    It wouldn't fit at all in DHS. It works in CA Adventure because it's unique to them, and I think they should keep it that way. Bringing in Cars Land just screams desperate.

    I'm not a theme policeman or anything like that, and I firmly believe that Disney should put the fun and enjoyment of guests before theming accuracy (in most cases) but in the case of adding Carsland to DHS, it would be sort of insulting to the guests. For one, it communicates that Disney has no intention of offering unique entertainment to its audiences, it just plops down whatever they think will make them money. But even more insulting, I think, is the fact that by putting in a multi-million dollar expansion like Carsland (or even just Radiator Springs Racers) Disney thinks the guest doesn't deserve a cohesive and well-maintained theme park more than an out-of-place, lazily-developed clone. If they have enough money to build Carsland lying around, I'd rather them fix up DHS to make it more in theme, not muddle it with a huge desert Route 66 expansion (that would be the most immersive part of the park I might add). I know that Disney is a theme park first and that giving the guests what they want is important but seriously, I think we all want so much more from DHS than Carsland of all things. Give us something unique, or fix up the current park (which I think is underrated but still needs work). Carsland would seriously only hurt the park in my opinion.
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