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    Re: Disney bans solo kids under 14 at U.S. parks.

    When I was 11 years old, I spent a day in Disneyland by myself while the folks were at a conference nearby.

    I didn't break anything. I didn't cut in any lines. I bought my own food. I didn't get kidnapped. I did ride the Peoplemover a lot.

    How did I possibly survive?

    Also, doesn't this create a possible danger with kids who get dropped off by parents without knowing about this new rule who then seek adult strangers for admission rather than calling their parents on the phone to come back?

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    Re: Disney bans solo kids under 14 at U.S. parks.

    So, if you're going to treat a 14-year-old like a child, why do they need an adult ticket?

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    Re: Disney bans solo kids under 14 at U.S. parks.

    Like I have stated before on a similar thread there is not going to be any real enforcement of this because its not like you are going ask ever child (14 and under) to prove that their parent is with them. What if a child says his parent is already in the park. The CMs are going to let that child in. But I don't think we will see any young guests turned away in groves.
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