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    Re: WDW Monorail Observation

    Quote Originally Posted by disney_leonard View Post
    It was a senior cast member who told me about the new requirements for construction and emergency access. She made it clear that it was her understanding that they could not build the monorail system as it is today. The existing system was built under the codes at the time. Also, I just came back from the Lunch with an Imagineer program. A similar question was asked about connecting the other resorts and parks by extending the monorail. His answer was that they could not add more lines to the TTC so they would have to build another hub someplace. That would mean transferring from one line to another. Add the high cost and it just wouldn't be worth it. But if someone like Bob Iger wanted it, they would find a way.
    Think about this. Disney CHANGED THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES because they didn't want anything to enter the public domain. Changing the codes -- in a municipality they pretty much own -- is trivial. Changing the laws of the State of Florida should be only a little more involved. And -- as we've seen -- the Disney company is quite competent in changing the Laws of the United States to suit them.

    I think, at the end of the day, the return on investment, in dollars doesn't meet their guidelines. And the idea of any other metric is alien. Good thing Pixar bought them, maybe we'll see some material changes.

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    Re: WDW Monorail Observation

    Disney is no longer interested in changing codes. They cave now to whatever they need to.

    Case in point: All the pools at WDW are getting fenced in. Reedy Creek, Disney's own governing body, is insisting upon it. Disney is not fighting back. I think that says loads of how different the culture is today vs. when the Sonny Bono Act went into play.

    As far as evacuating a monorail, well, this has nothing to do with building codes and everything to do with meeting ADA compliance for evacuating. The building codes were forced to comply with ADA, not the other way around.

    And none of this really matters until someone can produce a solid presentation to Bob & Co. about how much money the monorail expansion would save the company vs. just keeping the bus system and expanding that. When you can do that, this topic will be worth talking about. Until someone comes up with the real numbers, all this is a moot point.

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