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    Smile How do you think about disney wait time apps?

    Hello, Disney fans!!!!

    I'm working on my thesis now and really need your help.

    I would like to invited you to participate in this research on theme park wait time apps (WTA). The major topic of this study is on users' perceptions about theme park WTA usage during their park visits.

    The purpose of this survey is to examine the adoption of WTAs from the user perception by explaining customers' perceived value of WTAs usage and their behavioral intention to use WTAs in the future. A theme park WTA is a mobile application that allows users to submit wait-time updates for rides within a theme park. This has the potential to allow other users of the same WTA to know the actual wait-times of specific rides and help them to make informed choices of which rides to go.

    It will take less than 10 minutes to complete the survey and your participation is voluntary. Your responses will be strictly confidential. Kindly click on the link below to complete the survey:

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    Re: How do you think about disney wait time apps?

    Done the survey, hope that helps
    The new Star Wars plot summery:

    Episode 7: Luke discovers that Darth Vader is not his father, and goes on a search for his real father

    Episode 8: Darth Vader is resurrected and goes on Jerry Springer, claiming he is Luke and Leia's father

    Episode 9: Princes Leia is not Luke's sister, making him furious (we all know why...).

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    Re: How do you think about disney wait time apps?

    Done, Good luck on your thesis!
    The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
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