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    1970's Commercial - Disney World Hotels & US Steel

    I came across this video today and thought I'd like to share it with you guys. I am unsure what it really is, but to me it either seems like a commercial for the Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort or a commercial for United States Steel. Either way, it a video showing off some really neat things, mainly shots of the hotel during construction. In the video, they show a little bit at how the hotel was made. Rooms were pre-built in block units (With air conditioning and sliding doors built right in!) and shipped to Florida to be assembled into the hotel. This will be a revolutionary new way to create schools, hospitals, and other structures. And remember, all the materials were supplied by U.S. Steel and divisions!

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    Re: 1970's Commercial - Disney World Hotels & US Steel

    Thanks for sharing. It is an interesting video.

    BTW they assembled the rooms onsite at WDW. The Poly was the other hotel built like this at WDW.
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    Re: 1970's Commercial - Disney World Hotels & US Steel

    Although I'd heard about this and seen one or two stills of the pre-fab rooms, this is the only footage I've seen of it in motion. Nice. Thanks!

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    Re: 1970's Commercial - Disney World Hotels & US Steel

    Thanks, Bongo!
    That made me want to time travel back to the early 70s.

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