We are looking into a september trip for 4 people. One of the party members is military and looking at the prices for Shades of Green, we might just add that to our options ($95 compared to $260, heck yes!).

Can we add the dining plan if we book through a travel agent and we stay at Shades?

Also, about how much do 5 day park hoppers run for military? And to use them, does that person have to be with you every time you use your ticket (like if 2 of us wanted 1 park and the other 2 another, could the 2 non-military still get in) or just the first use for proof of ID?

We are doing some number crunching, comparing SoG and what you can and can't get to other resorts (value and mod, since we would need 3 beds) and what you can get there and seeing what's the best option, cost-wise.

Anything else military-related that I should know, just let me know! This is the first time we've had someone Military with us going to Disney.