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    Re: A New Monsters, Inc. Ride Idea

    I'm still having trouble seeing how Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage didn't go to WDW's MK instead of DLR. Shoulda put Finding Nemo in MK so DLR can tear down Autopia tracks and Submarine and MBC so a new land can bring something new and exciting. Both parks would have benefited much better...

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    Re: A New Monsters, Inc. Ride Idea

    Actually, I think a new land in that area would just cause problems. I mean, that would be one heck of a pickle to transition into. I think the Tomorrowland/Fantasyland transition is well handled as it is. That, and Disneyland needs something major and Nemo can deliver. There's still other room in Disneyland, like in Frontierland and Toon Town (because, let's face it, Toon Town is going downhill fast), to play around with.

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    Re: A New Monsters, Inc. Ride Idea

    I say they expand on that area above BTTMR first...Discovery Bay anyone?

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