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I have heard constant reports of possibly adding a Cars Land or possibly a Star Wars Land to DHS. Not to mention we keep hearing things about that Avatar Land the may or may not ever happen. I understand that Disney is really looking to find something that can be a true competitor for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Could any of these lands Disney is trying to develop the right direction? Maybe, but I want to propose another possible Land out of a franchise that Disney does not use but is currently using already…The Twilight Zone.

Though a long shot, I think that The Twilight Zone is culturally significant enough for it’s own area in DHS. A Cars Land feels like a repeat and I would rather not see an Avatar Land for DAK. A Star Wars is something I would want, but I just don’t see that happening anytime soon.

The Twilight Zone is something that relates to a lot of people from children who watch the reruns to adults who remember it. It would even apply to international tourists who know the show well.

Let’s say we were to convert the Eastern area of the park into a Twilight Zone Land, we’ve already got 2 E ticket attractions (The Tower of Terror and a Rockin Roller Coaster that could be retheamed), so the biggest concern would be to find the right design for the area.

I see a mock up set for a Twilight Zone Studios where everything is unnerving. It feels like a lot of iconic road trip spots that seem strange. The theme would be mock-up sets for a suburban set of homes, a military base, and a small white picket fence main street that feels haunted.

We could add in a special effects show to demonstrate how an episode is filmed, a space attraction of sorts, a Twilight Zone Museum, a restaurant, and themed shops.

What do you think about a Twilight Zone Land (or Twilight Zone Studios as I would call it)? Do you have any other ideas for this kind of land?
"(The Tower of Terror and a Rockin Roller Coaster that could be retheamed)"

You're don't mean re-theme Rockin Roller Coaster? That's crazy talk!