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    Disneyland Veterans going to Disney World

    My family of 4 (me, my wife, and two boys with July birthdays that will make them 12 & 16) will be in Orlando for a church convention in a few weeks, and are able to spend a few days at Disney World. We live close enough to Disneyland to hear the fireworks in the distance on a warm night like tonight when our windows are open, but have never been to Florida, so I do have a few questions about things that might be a little different when it comes to getting the most out of a visit to the WDW parks. We'll be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and have chosen to visit Animal Kingdom one day and Epcot another day.

    So, my questions (and don't feel like you have to answer them all!):

    1. Mission Space: Green or Orange? How does the intensity compare to, say, California Screamin’, or the ‘goat trick’ on Big Thunder?
    2. Any secret experiences at Epcot or Animal Kingdom? (I'm thinking of things like Disneyland's tender rides or the opportunity to pilot the Mark Twain... stuff like that.)
    3. Secrets/tips to using fastpass that we (Disneyland veterans) might not know.
    4. For those who love the themed queue at Expedition Everest: are you able to see most or all of it when using a fastpass? (I hear it's pretty cool!)
    5. Assuming WDW has them, where can we get birthday buttons? (Both of my boys' birthdays are in July)
    6. Best place to watch illuminations that doesn't require staking out a spot hours ahead of time.
    7. What’s the coolest thing that many people overlook at a) Epcot b) Animal Kingdom c) Animal Kingdom Lodge?
    8. Best small-scale entertainment (comparable to Billy Hill & Hillbillies at Disneyland or Five & Dime at DCA)?
    9. Things to skip because they don’t really have that Disney magic… (I’m thinking that dinosaur coaster in Animal Kingdom would be near the top of this list, although my kids might drag me on it anyway)

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    I can certainly answer a few questions for you.

    1) Orange is definitely more intense than California Screamin's launch, and the sensation lasts longer. As I recall , they double up on the spinning part during the shuttle launch, and the lunar jump sequences as well.

    I highly recommend you ride MS at least once IF you're in at least good physical condition, don't suffer from fear of confined spaces and are not prone to get sick easily. It's one of those rides , like Mickey's Fun Wheel swinging gondolas, where you wonder...why am I doing this? but you know it's because it's fun, and you love the thrill.

    6) We've always watched Illuminations from the area where the Disney Store that faces the American Pavillion across the lagoon, as this is the place where there's more room to hold large crowds of people. Think of it as being the same size as the place across from Mickey's Fun Wheel at DCA where people watch WOC from.

    7) Some people dont know about, or don't like to take the train at AK over to Rafiki's place because it's kind of tucked in back of the park. That, and it's it's more of a learn-a-torioum/petting zoo for kids than a land. We love it though because It goes well with the theming of the park.

    9) By all means give Primeval Whirl a ...well... whirl. It's a fun ride that can be easily compared to the Goofy Sky School coaster at DCA.
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    Re: Disneyland Veterans going to Disney World

    Thanks for the info. I'm still not sure about Mission Space. My wife won't even ride the teacups, and sometimes doesn't even like Screamin.' One of my sons likes the teacups, but neither of my sons will go on Screamin' because they're intimidated by the loop. However, they both love turning sideways and experiencing the "goat trick" on Big Thunder.

    For Rafiki's... I love theming! But what is it that is so good... the ride, or the destination? Can we just hop on the train and ride it round-trip? We'll probably check that out.

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