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Thread: December visit

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    December visit

    We hope to visit in the last week of November/early December and was wondering if when Mickey's Special Christmas Party is on at the MK, are any of the other parks open at that time of the night for guests who do not have tickets to the party so if we were at MK and left by 7.00 pm for the party guests, are the other parks still open? Also do they have Christmas parades at MK during that time or is it only shown for the guests who pay to go to Mickey's Christmas Party? Your help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

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    Re: December visit

    Check the official calendar for the dates of your trip. They already have theme park hours on there (I just looked up a date in mid-December as a test):

    I can say though without knowing your exact trip dates that Epcot is open every night until 9pm. DHS will be open until at least 8pm (Osbourne Lights). AK usually closes at 5pm or 6pm during that time of year. But there's always DTD, which is open late every night.

    The Christmas parade at MK is only for guests who pay for the Christmas party (until just a few days before Christmas, then everyone can see it). At AK there's Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade (just the usual Jammin' Jungle Parade with a Christmas overlay) that all guests can see. DHS has the Osbourne Lights (as I mentioned already). Epcot has the Holidays Around the World thing with the storytellers, but not sure when that starts.

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    Re: December visit

    THANK YOU! Much appreciated

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