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    Re: Do you guys miss Journey Into Imagination at Epcot

    The source as stated came from wdwmagic's forums from Spirit. Yes he knows what he's talking about (and other insiders like Martin and Lee back him up as a very trustworthy source of Disney info). Obviously anything can change at Disney at any time, but people familiar with him will tell you he has a very good track record with reporting current events and info.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill View Post
    Spirit was not alluding to them bringing back anything. Spirit simply said they're shutting down the pavilion, a la Wonders of Life.
    He did not say anything of the sort about shutting down the pavilion for good. Had you actually read the thread he created about the subject beyond the first page or so, he came back to share some additional information that he got. Here's some of the things he said about it in some of the threads he created on the forum-

    Just a few more details. Imagination is apparently finally getting some attraction attention, so it isn't closing like WoL. There will be changes coming. When I have solid info on the scope of them, I'll pass them along. I believe this is substantial, but not as much as most of us would like.
    Imagination will be down for all of next year and Captain Eo will head to the cosmos for good;
    Tony has been spotted with the group working on this. I sincerely hope he can consult and have a role as it's what he wanted most in FL the past decade.
    And while I can't find the post (likely in a different thread), Spirit said the new Imagination project apparently might involve Figment (in what size of a role is unknown).

    Either way, until things change, Spirit has confirmed that there's plans to overhaul the ride and redo it. No one knows anything beyond what he posted above, whether it's an expansion of the current ride's theme, more akin to the original, or something entirely different. But it sounds like it's not being shuttered like WoL.

    The original thread is here, though the quotes above sum up the relevant info about Imagination from that topic-
    Two Spirited Quickees... | WDWMAGIC - Unofficial Walt Disney World discussion forums

    He also creates threads about his thoughts in general that he posts in and he might have some info to post there in the future (though he might just create another new thread about it). He posts info as he gets it. If they're planning on closing the attraction sometime next year, we'll probably see some more info from Spirit soon about it.
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    Re: Do you guys miss Journey Into Imagination at Epcot

    You'll find that I'm also as trustworthy as Spirit and Lee, just not as well known. Or as funny. In fact, I can come off as quite a mean person sometimes... but that's because I never went to writing school to become an effective reporter. I'm actually quite nice once you get to know me.

    Anyway, for almost anything that Spirit says I will agree with. Lee I also agree with, though Lee is a bit farther away from WDW than the Spirit.

    As for that comment I made about Spirit saying that it will just sit there a la WoL, I apologize. I simply did not see that 2nd post in the thread where he mentioned there is a concept. He does say that in the first post in that thread though about a closure with no actual work being done... and that's what I read, so I'm not entirely out of line. I just happened to miss a couple of his spirited postings.

    All in all though, well, that's good. It actually jives more with what I've been saying about the concepts being tossed around.

    Now, for your second point, if Spirit said anything about Figment being in the new Imagination, he'd be saying that prematurely, as it hasn't been decided yet. However, it's not completely inaccurate. I've heard new versions of the attraction where Figment is actually revealed to be a Muppet... and the whole place is re-themed to be Muppet Labs. It actually kinda works when you think about it.

    The Phineas and Ferb refurbishment though, it's harder to incorporate him.

    There is of course a third concept... The Ozzy and Sharon Lightacular 3D Imagination Extravaganza featuring Phineas & Ferb with music by The Electric Mayhem Band. Presented by Jif Peanut Butter, a Smuckers Company.

    I mean, that concept... the last one... that's the one I'm rooting for. After all, if it's presented by Smuckers, it has to be good. They chose the sponsorship as an "FU" to Tony Baxter because of his new association with Knott's Berry Farm. Poor Tony, the guy never gets a break for standing up for what he believes in. I can relate. At least he will become a Legend next month. About time!

    Now, what's next?

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    Re: Do you guys miss Journey Into Imagination at Epcot

    Talking about Figment, I found this little guy at a flea shop, he's so adorable.

    I tried to find info on him, but there was a figure that looked nearly the same but that one has a slot for coins in the middle of the treasure pot, and it also had "Epcot Center" in the front of the pot, but mine doesn't , is so wierd maybe mine is a remold of the piggy bank one

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    Re: Do you guys miss Journey Into Imagination at Epcot

    I believe it might just be a PVC figure or something. I'm not entirely sure though. You may have to look up a little bit more about that. Though he is a cute figurine.

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