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    Best Transportation for Cheapest Room

    I assume this has been discussed before, so my apologies for being redundant.

    I'm planning a trip to WDW (still three years away, but I'm excited). Budget will be an issue, so we'll be staying at one of the cheaper, serf-level hotels. For our purposes, the individual particulars don't matter too much. I know they each have a pool, a food court, and so on.
    My question is which has the best bus service throughout the resort? Basically, that means which one would have the fewest stops, greatest frequency, and the lowest chance of busses being filled before I get on?


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    Re: Best Transportation for Cheapest Room

    The three All-Star resorts are the least expensive, and of the three, the Sports is 1st in line serviced by the bus system, therefore you're likely to get a seat.
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    Re: Best Transportation for Cheapest Room

    The only Value Hotel that I have stayed at at Disney World was Pop Century, and I thought that their bus service was fine. However, after a long day in the park, and especially if you stay for fireworks/Fantasmic/Illuminations, there will always be more of a wait at park closing. Keep in mind that the value resort buses are always the furthest away from the park entrance, and require the most walking.

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    Re: Best Transportation for Cheapest Room

    Pop Century is the only value resort that has it's own stop at the hotel. All-Stars has 3 resorts so you'd be stopping at all 3. I've stayed at Pop Century 4 or 5 times and I really liked it (but I also love pop culture, so it was a perfect fit for me).

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    Re: Best Transportation for Cheapest Room

    Quote Originally Posted by aimster View Post
    Pop Century is the only value resort that has it's own stop at the hotel.
    That is one of my top reasons to stay at Pop over other value resorts. Until you stay at delux resorts only Pop and Port Orleans French Quarter(moderate) and the new Art of Animation Resort(Value with bigger room capacity and pricing) have single bus stops.

    All buses get crowded at peak times, such as when people leave the park after the night show, or crazy crowded times like Christmas. Same with boats and monorails at the deluxe resort.

    At some Deluxes you can walk to some parks, such as the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom which are about a 10 minute walk apart. And some have multiple transit options like boat or monorail. The Values are bus only to everywhere but cost much less.
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