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    Most ridiculous phone call ever!

    Just have to complain... Called WDW reservations today because DH misplaced our BBB reservation info for our trip coming up in 8 weeks. (We are taking our DD to WDW for her first trip. We have a character meal scheduled almost every day as a way to guarantee seeing Princesses & certain beloved characters.). The customer service rep proceeded to tell my DH that "boy all we plan to do is eat." (We have 2 days out of 7 without an ADR. We only have 1 day with 2 ADRs - Cinderellas Royal Table for lunch and Be Our Guest for dinner.) She then continued to tell us that we are going to run our daughter ragged. When DH told the rep that he didn't need her commentary she said that she was "only trying to help" and then told him we should reconsider some of our reservations.

    Is this a tactic to free up ADR spots? Has anyone else had Disney offer unsolicited advice regarding their dining plans?

    This isn't our first time at WDW (just our DD's) and we feel fairly confident that we have made good decisions. To have someone who doesn't know us or know how we operate offer unsolicited advice and accuse of bad parenting is particularly offensive.
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    Re: Most ridiculous phone call ever!

    ORDDU: My sisters and I called Guest Relations to complain about the ridiculous way the new meet and greet for Belle has been set up, recently, and the first two people we spoke to weren't even aware of how the meet and greet was set up. They finally transferred us to someone who they claimed was a 'manager' and she sounded less professional than anyone we have ever talked to at Disney. At one point she made comments and even used lingo that sounded slightly ghetto. It was shocking to hear that Disney would put someone like her in charge of anything, let alone allow her to talk to guests on the phone.

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    Re: Most ridiculous phone call ever!

    To the OP: That Cast member was just plain rude. If I were you I would have asked to speak to her supervisor. In fact, you should call back and ask to speak to a manager. Her job was to help you retrieve your lost information, not give you an editorial.
    I think Character Meals are awesome and your daughter is going to have a blast. Better to be in a dining room than the hot sun waiting for characters.

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    Re: Most ridiculous phone call ever!

    That wasn't nessacarily a Cast Member on the phone. A lot of WDW reservations are done by third parties.

    I don't disagree with the comments. It does take a lot of time to do character meals. Time to get to the specific location, time to get a seat, and time to see all the characters. But if you want to see lots of characters in a less rushed setting, that time is worth it.
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    Re: Most ridiculous phone call ever!

    Too many abbreviations! I understood the gist of it though. Unfortunately I have been told that Disney no longer trains their cast members on customer service. At all. So it sounds like you talk to a person who probably truly believed they were being helpful. In truth, you are correct. This person is supposed to be an order taker, and only offer his or her opinion if you ask for it. The kind of person who is supposed to offer an unsolicited opinion like that would be a hotel concierge, not a reservationist.
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