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    What exactly does Dr. Nigel Channing say in the smell lab

    Right after, Dr. Nigel Channing yells "Figment Don't!" And Figment skunk sprays the audience in a Skunk costume, My family and I swear that Dr. Nigel Channing says quietly " Oh s**t that really stinks!". Every video I've watched of that ride that's what I hear him say. So I know it's not just one video of someone saying that. But I'm curious if maybe that was a funny slip up in words or I'm just hearing things. Because I've let my whole family hear that part and they all think it sounds like he says that and we all laughed when we heard it. Could anyone clear this up for me? Are we crazy? Lol.
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    Re: What exactly does Dr. Nigel Channing say in the smell lab

    He says "Oh yuck! That really stinks!"
    "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" -Walt Disney

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