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    I'm going to Disney World with my long term girlfriend in a few months, and am curious about anyone's experience with a proposal in the World. I want to propose somewhat privately, since I don't think she'd want a ton of attention. That rules out restaurants, etc. Someone said the rose garden near the castle in MK is secluded, is this the case? There was also mention of a hot air balloon, in downtown disney. I'm worried that'd be awkward, with like, one guide, myself, and her.

    Does anyone have any experiences with anything like this? Also, please keep a lid on this cause I'd still like it to be a surprise

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    Re: Proposal

    ORDDU: When I first saw the title of this topic I had such high hopes that my turn to become someone's bride had finally arrived. I know we've never met but, still, a witch can dream, can't she???

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    Re: Proposal

    I was looking at the same thing for a few months from now, this is a website Disney has to help I guess...

    Disney Weddings | Engagements

    Here is also a blog post on some of their ideas Top 10 Proposal Ideas at Disney « Disney Parks Blog
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    Re: Proposal

    This is an old thread, but maybe some current ideas still on here:
    Proposing at Disney World

    I saw an awesome post once about a proposal at DL. Girl was having her caricature done at New Orleans Square. The artist kept it hidden from her. But all the people who were watching could see what he was doing. The artist drew in her bf proposing on one knee with the ring and wrote a bubble saying "Will you marry me?" The artist then turned it around to show her, and of course, her bf then got on his knee. There was a mutual friend there to capture all on film. It was so sweet.

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    Re: Proposal

    My fiance proposed to me on splash mountain...
    but for something a little more low key, i would suggest maybe while watching wishes (at the poly maybe?) or walking around the grand floridian by the wedding pavillion.

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    Re: Proposal

    One of these cruises would be cool.

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