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    Final SpectroMagic

    I'd thought it was uploaded before.. but apparently it had never made it to youtube only another website.

    If anyone would like to see the final SpectroMagic parades now that we know it's never coming back, I have one.

    SpectroMagic Final Performances - YouTube

    I liked Spectro but I'm happy it's gone just so that once they put DEP to rest they don't have it to fall back on yet again and will have to do eventually make something new.. But the biggest remorse is that this is WDW so they didn't do anything special for it ending even if they didn't know these would be the last shows ever. Oh well.

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    Re: Final SpectroMagic

    Thanks for the great video.

    I never watched that parade in Liberty Square. Of course, it's the same parade regardless of where one chooses to stand. I would always pick Town Square, and sometimes, I'd get a great view from the Main Street train station platform. My favorite part is when Jiminy Cricket shows up at the end, although I always enjoyed all the other features of the parade, from the beginning to the magical ending.
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