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    Talking Is it right to "Celebrate" several months after a land mark Birthday

    I turn 40 this December & my family & I return to WDW next August (2014). Last year when we went, my wife had just turned 40 a month earlier & all ADR's had this information on them. She got a Birthday Cup Cake at Chef Mickeys & a card from the Famous 5. My question is this, is it ok for me to Celebrate my 40th Birthday 8 months after the event or is that a bit cheeky?

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    Re: Is it right to "Celebrate" several months after a land mark Birthday

    I say you're fine since this is a "big one."

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    Re: Is it right to "Celebrate" several months after a land mark Birthday

    Presumably the rules state that you are only allowed to celebrate your 40th birthday on the actual day, so even if you tell the CM and they look the other way (which they very likely will) it's still a lie (they're going to note that it's your 40th birthday when it's not), so I vote no.
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    Re: Is it right to "Celebrate" several months after a land mark Birthday

    IF you go to WDW once a week, over the past few months or years, THEN celebrating your 4-Oh! 8 months after your B-day then, of course NOT! BUT if it is a rare event for you to visit WDW, and your B-day is what prompted the family trip, Celebrate IT! You can't always plan these type of vacation celebrations on the actual day of, especially when planning for the best time to visit, and planning around more than one person's work schedule, and all other factors.

    Now, the question MORE people would probably ask is why would you want to celebrate your 40th at WDW? Of course, you won't hear that question from me, because I just celebrated a milestone B-Day at Disneyland

    Adding: Heck if DL AND WDW could celebrate DL's 50th for nearly 1.5 years, Why not!

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