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    Weird Space Mountain experience

    Well, today I went to WDW and had a weird expirence on Space Mountain. It started like normal , I went on the left side (depending on view, it would be left based on the entrance/where you're waiting in line) and the ride started but it seemed like everything was backwards: it felt like the turns where opposite of what they normally are. The ride also seemed rougher, too. My thought was that they switched to different tracks, but I didn't know if they had another set. SM had also shut down earlier for about a hour. I rode SM a few hours later and everything seemed like normal. Has anyone had a similar expirence and know if they are 2 sets of tracks for each side(making 4 in total?)

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    Re: Weird Space Mountain experience

    There's only two tracks.

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    Re: Weird Space Mountain experience

    Each side is its own separate track. The roughness can be associated with the speed of the trains. The trains usually go a little faster towards the end of the day because everything has had a chance to "warm up".
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    Re: Weird Space Mountain experience

    Obviously, you slipped briefly into a parallel dimension. Good thing you got back safely. That would be one heck of an effect if the Disney folks managed this!

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