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    Why wasnt soarin in world showcase?

    I know there is debate about wether World Showcase needs rides or just atmosphere but one thing I can never understand is why Soarin wasn't added to a country rather than the land. The technology would have made much more sense as a tour of one of the World Showcase nations - think of soarin over the UK or Japan it would have been great and I'm sure an airline would have provided some sponsor dollars. Or you could have has a world tour film covering nations not covered where the millennium village is

    does anyone know why the land was chosen instead?

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    Re: Why wasnt soarin in world showcase?

    exactly as dan put it. primary reason was they wanted to keep costs down and they could tie it into the land pretty easily. It's now been rumoured that they will make a new film for the future about soarin over the world which will be a nice tie in from future world to the world showcase. When you think about it though, this might have been better as a standalone attraction taking over the footprint of the odyssey as like the gateway to the world type of thing, with the land getting a more appropriate attraction associated specifically with its theme. That would have been a huge upgrade in my books.

    as for putting soarin type attractions in WS? i don't think its really feasible. the attraction takes up a lot of ground and would just congest an already congested area even more. I would much rather see new countries in the showcase then something like this, besides I think the circle vision tech has been applied incredibly well with some incredible shots in a few of the countries and takes up less then a quarter of the space.

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    Re: Why wasnt soarin in world showcase?

    robbie is right. Underutilized technology. It is a lot less expensive to shoot a new adventure than to reinvent the hardware. Soarin is an amazing experience, but the adventure gets old. Even a "Soarin over Pandora" would be a pleasant change.
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