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    Re: Do Disney seasonal decorations go up too early?

    I was actually born on a Thursday almost 66 years ago. That would be three days after the Monday Holiday of Labor Day.

    May 11 - 16, 2015

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    Re: Do Disney seasonal decorations go up too early?

    Given the fact that at the retail store that I work in had it's Christmas decorations and tree on the sale floor two weeks or so before Halloween I would say no they are just following the modern trend of milking it.
    The fountain of youth really is in Florida... thats why they built Walt Disney World where they did.

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    Re: Do Disney seasonal decorations go up too early?

    Quote Originally Posted by Disneytwins View Post
    I think the decorations go up early for many reasons. The parks operate in seasons and as the kids go back to school, the fall season officially starts. Also, adding decorations early allows more "Annual" travelers to see the decorations. Also, it takes time to decorate. This is especially true for the Christmas decorations.

    I think the biggest reason is to widen the window of opportunity for their guests.
    I, for one, agree. I have seen the parks around Christmas, 4th of July, etc, but never decorated for Halloween (and I always wanted to) and since we couldn't get any late September/October dates to work for us, we are going next week. I get to see the park decorated for Halloween and go to MNSSHP... so I am pretty excited!!
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    Re: Do Disney seasonal decorations go up too early?

    I wouldn't even mind if it was decorated for Christmas in September...I love Holiday decorations any time of the year and someone told me I should have planned my trip for the first two weeks of December because 1) the awesome decorations and festive atmosphere and 2) less humid weather and no hurricane risk. I chose September cuz it was cheapest and least crowded time of the year (including other times when schools are in session) and I wanted guaranteed water park, beach, and swimming weather.
    It will still be fun to see the Halloween decorations. I like all holidays but Christmas has always been my favorite.

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    Re: Do Disney seasonal decorations go up too early?

    As a Texan who visits very rarely, after my last visit during thanksgiving, I swore I
    would never again visit while the over the top and inappropriate for some theme
    areas xmas decorations are up, and I prefer classic mansion and smallworld.
    I will try to visit when as many season passholders are blocked as possible, so
    I'll probably stick to the summer months. When a lotta people visit the park
    weekly, their boredom disrupts the magical feel of the place.
    I long for the days when the decorations were tasteful, and everybody paid
    full price.

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    Re: Do Disney seasonal decorations go up too early?

    Well Halloween is only one night. I think they're trying to give a seasonal feel with the pumpkins, etc. Why go through the expense and time used to decorate and then take them down right away? My question is: Why decorate at all? It's already The Happiest Place on Earth. If I am at a make believe place, I don't really need decorations for the Most Phoniest Time of the Year.

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