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    Question I'm coming back to Florida... what's different?

    So, I'm coming back to Florida after spending a month in California. What has changed since I've been gone? How has the Orlando weather been? Did you miss me?

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    Re: I'm coming back to Florida... what's different?

    Not much has changed. Weather is still hot, humid and rainy. You didn't miss much.

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    Re: I'm coming back to Florida... what's different?

    Epcot is completely different. Journey Into Imagination isn't the same. Dreamfinder is missing and the whole ride has turned into a ride about some boring scientist's open house with Figment bothering the scientist. Darn I wish they'd bring back the old one already! And if not then they need to bring the old one to Disneyland. That'd be great since I'm super close to Disneyland

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    Re: I'm coming back to Florida... what's different?

    ORWEN: Since you've been gone, Bill, duckling, hurricanes in Florida are things of the past. The Disney princesses are about to move into their new meet and greet location in Fantasyland. My sister, Orddu, finally managed to get a date with Tarzan on a night when Jane was having a girl's night out with Terk. Other than those things, I can't think of anything else.

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