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    handicap changes

    I am handicapped. Plain and simple. I lost my right leg about 16 years ago and at age 58 I am not able to walk long distances and especially not able to stand in lines for an extended amount of time. I'm sorry some people abuse the system of handicapped passes because my wife and I have brought our grandchildren to WDW three or four times since I have been crippled. We travel about 600 miles from East Tennessee to visit your park and have always enjoyed your hospitality and amusements. My wife especially enjoys bringing our grandchildren and I think she really enjoys it herself. The problem with your new system is it requires us to get a return time then have to wait for that time. Small children don't wait well and even though waiting is something I do a lot they don't wait in the Florida heat very well. The annoyance you have created by discontinuing your handicap program will most assuredly prevent my return. We came and stood in the lines before I lost my leg and while I didn't like people going ahead of us at that time I now can see the need of the program. Your new rules will prevent my returning to your parks in the future. Sorry for your decision, absence from your parks will be my decision in the future.

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    Re: handicap changes

    Quote Originally Posted by H M Farr View Post
    . . . The problem with your new system is it requires us to get a return time then have to wait for that time. Small children don't wait well and even though waiting is something I do a lot they don't wait in the Florida heat very well. . .
    Sorry you've had the awful, bad luck to lose a leg.

    Is there a way handicapped folks can use Fastpass now?

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    Congrats to Micechat for being quoted on CNN about this!

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    Re: handicap changes

    U havevoptions sit in the shade go shopping have a snack ride a ride with a short wait this really isn't that bad

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    Re: handicap changes

    On one visit, my brother came with me, and had just had surgery on his knee and needed a wheelchair to get around. On several occasions, he chose to stay in his chair , in the lines. Nobody seemed to mind, and he didn't think he should bump the line just because he was blindsided.We were told by a CM that for theater seating, they wanted him to go ahead of the line so he could sit on the end of the row with us next to him.

    Its a shame they had to change policies about this. I saw 2 teens run the full length of the parking lot, dragging a wheelchair. Once they got to the entrance, one was sitting. Awhile later I saw them , and they had switched places. Neither were handicapped.

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    Re: handicap changes

    The statement so far - as reported in the Miceage update a while ago - is that the DAS passes will be required only when the queue is not handicapped accessible. If the queue is accessible, all that has been lost is the immediate front-of-line privilege. If you DO require immediate front of line access, all that is required is using the DAS kiosk where you will be given a time to return for your ride.

    This program was apparently implemented with the direct input of at least a few major disabled rights organizations. I'm pretty sure if there are problems they will work on it. It's not like Disney really had a choice here - the level of media attention has ratcheted up from a single report a few months ago to near daily reports on the "cheaters" on various major news sites. Disney's already won most of that part of the battle, as the stories are now extensively covering the same stringer report on the fix.
    Woo! Spring is coming!

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