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    former cast member looking into coming back

    Alright wassup WDW, that's right a former cast member working for the mouse looking to return to the company. Now i have been reading alot of these posts about checking rehire status and what not. The best that I read was to call casting up and check on the my hiring status. Unfortunately they told me i had to actually come into and speak with a casting rep. , so for future reference guys and gals here is the answer they will give you!

    Now Here's my dilema, I had already left the company once on good terms to do some school. About a year later I came back and when i got the word hey wanted to hire me i went thru all that paperwork and traditions. I was told all i had to do was call up my mgr and then scheduling department to put me back into the system right! Well I could not start right away due to my other job I had at the time giving me a world of $@#$!!! However as soon as i left that job (about 2 weeks later) I called up my mgr. and he had told me they fired me due to NCNS. Now i had addressed to him that i was not aware i was on the schedule nor did anyone call me to verify my schedule.
    I am sure that had put a million No Rehire stamps on my profile now. It's been about 1 1/2 years since this happened and have not tried to re-apply since cause i figure only time now would heal this wound. Do you think this is worth fighting, i really don't know any union reps that could help me?

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    Re: former cast member looking into coming back

    I'm not sure how reliable it is but i've heard from other CM's that any no rehire status for anything except like stealing or that pretty much goes away after 6 months?

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