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    I've been selected for the MyMagic+ test, should i go for it?

    My trip is on the 25th of this Oct. and i have until the 14th to decide if i want to take advantage of it and get my Magic Bands.

    Can someone explain to me whether or not it's worth it please?

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    Re: I've been selected for the MyMagic+ test, should i go for it?

    I'd probably try it in a test run.
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    Re: I've been selected for the MyMagic+ test, should i go for it?

    My family used it recently and we had no problems. We actually found it rather convenient. No digging in our bags to find our key card, no having to double-check we had a key card when we left the room for any reason, it was just nice. You don't even realize you have the band on half of the time.

    The fastpass+ you can change those at any time, you can reserve them now or wait until you get to the park that day to make your selections. I read somewhere that they will be opening it up to more parades and shows as well as rides.

    We took it easy and didn't rush, so 3 fastpasses per day is all we used or even wanted. Lines were short enough most of the time that we didn't mind waiting, like 20 minutes or under most of the time.

    I say go for it, they do plan to do a full roll-out at some point and time in the future, so you might as well get used to it. It was a good learning experience, we found out when we wanted to make our selections for next time (as far as time of day for what attractions) and what we liked and what to avoid, it was all new to us so we know if there is a next time and if it's a full roll out by that time, we will have a leg up on everyone else.
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    Re: I've been selected for the MyMagic+ test, should i go for it?

    Another reason to give it a go is that you get to voice your opinion about the experience! How often can you say you helped in some small way with a program at a major corporation? Enjoy your trip!

    (edited to add) Oh, and don't forget to come back and tell us about your experience with the MyMagic+ if you decide to go for it.

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    Re: I've been selected for the MyMagic+ test, should i go for it?

    I'm personally against the MyMagic+ program myself and wish Disney would give up on the idea of reserving fastpass months in advance - but if you have the opportunity to do so, I say try it and base your own opinions on if it will be worthwhile or not. The magic band is basically everything, your park pass, dining reservations, fastpasses, room key and charging purchases back to your room.

    Even if you don't stick to all the fastpass & dining reservations- it's worth a shot to try it since in the future, once it is rolled out to all guests, you may not have a choice and will have to use it- so go for it.

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    Re: I've been selected for the MyMagic+ test, should i go for it?

    We got the letter in the mail the other day, we're going to give it a try even though we're not going to the parks...

    Seems pretty straight forward so far...just hope that we get the colors that we ordered...

    I wonder if you have a MM+ wristband from this pilot program and later when it's fully implemented if repeat visitors will be asked to reuse their old wristbands to save $ and the environment a bit..
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    Re: I've been selected for the MyMagic+ test, should i go for it?

    Funny, my Disney trip is one day after yours Jade and I was going to ask the same exact question on here. It seems as if people were so against it on here and to me it seemed unnecessary after reading some of the things on it.

    However, when I went to one of the resorts recently just to enjoy the scenery and restaurant (not actually stay) and saw the people using them and even saw a video on it, it seems not that bad if you have the advantage to try it out. Especially if you stay at Disney, have tickets to the park, and decide to use the fastpass. That way you don't have different cards on you and have to worry whether you have the key card before and after you leave the room, tickets before you enter, or if you lost that fastpass. You just have a wristband.

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