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    Disney current and former cast members: Need your advice about lost children

    I'm a writer for Parents magazine (the largest circulation national magazine for parents of young children), and I'm doing a story on lost children: ways to prevent your young children from getting lost and what to do when you lose them anyway. Since losing a child at an amusement park is a big fear, I'd love to interview current or former cast members who could share their advice for parents when it comes to visiting Disney parks. You can be anonymous in the piece. My questions would include: Does it help if a parent has a photograph of a child from that day? Does it help if the child has a bracelet with the parentís phone number? Other things that are helpful? What should a parent should do if theyíve lost a child (can they tell any employee, even the food service ones?) What are some of the most common places/scenarios where parents lose children (during parades? On crowded days? In the restroom? Etc.). What are the biggest mistake that parents make when it comes to losing their kids? If you can help, please contact me at michellecrouchwriter(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm sure other folks would love to see your tips posted here, too.

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Disney current and former cast members: Need your advice about lost children

    Carry your phone so you can be contacted. Have a picture on it from when you leave your room in the morning.

    Tell your child not to leave the park, though if young they will likely be stopped at the gates, if you get separated.

    Dress brightly so you are easier to spot.

    Make sure the child knows where you are staying and what you number is. Write it inside a button, on their stomach or another hidden area so strangers can't see it.

    A Disney kids never get lost, but parents do. If you get lost or your parents do ask any CM for assistance.
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    Re: Disney current and former cast members: Need your advice about lost children

    I think the best advice for a lost kid is to try and train them to STAY PUT AND WAIT FOR HELP. Wandering off from the path you're trying to retrace to find them isn't going to help.

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    Re: Disney current and former cast members: Need your advice about lost children

    Not a cast member, but a parent. One thing that ALL of my kids were taught since they were old enough to walk was if they do get separated from us, look for the cast members. The best place to find them is in a store or at a food/souvenier cart. We taught the kids to spot the nametag. Fortunately, we truly haven't had to put this to the test, but we thought it made sense.

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    Re: Disney current and former cast members: Need your advice about lost children

    Ive been there with kids, and even before kids had their own phones, and the kids were always told that if they get separated, to go to a pre-designated spot, and wait. In the M.K., it was the castle, esc. It paided off once. A 7 year old nephew was gone, so we headed to the castle. In just a couple minutes, he come walking up the walkway. We asked where he went, he said" I had to pee, and you guys wernt listening to me, so I just went on my own." Next time he said he needed to go, we

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