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Thread: new hotel idea

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    new hotel idea

    Hi all,

    While i was at disneyworld earlier this month, i got to thinking on the bus trips what other style of hotels could be done. with the villas at the grand Floridian just opening, and the poly just getting started, I was thinking a nice value/moderate resort would be nice and i think i came up with a winner of an idea.

    Disney's Mediterranean Resort

    Name:  white-blue-house-details-oia-village-architecture-santorini-greek-island-typical-buildings-roofs.jpg
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    The above image is just one from google, but imagine that each of the buildings had a stepped layer, like this
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    ignore my mspaint skills, but the bottom floor would be larger, akin to more 1 bedroom style places, and the rooms get smaller as they go up, with the top floor being a single room, like the value resorts, but with only one bed.

    Each of the room buildings would take a horse shoe style shape around the pool, which is a wave pool. With the back of the pool being a nice long wall, that is painted blue to show blue skies all year round, no matter the weather.

    The overall layout would look like this.
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    Some nice car parks, cause they are needed of course, and the rest of the white is filled with trees and sand and such.

    The main building is themed like the pantheon and contains shops and maybe two places to get food, a nice restaurant and a food court. And of course check in

    shop name could be something along the line of Posideon's Treasures. the big fancy restaurant could be called The Hall of Heroes, with large statues of Hercules, Zeus, Achilles, Percius and other greek heroes of legend. The food court, well it could be themed to Phil's island training ground with each station of food named after a trial of some kind, the hot meals section, where you get pork, beef and such could be themed around the Nemean Lion, and so on.

    Around the sides of the pool, towards the back you could have two spas, and theme them around the underworld, not super dark but with stalactites and such and call them Hades' Hot Springs.

    If the hotel offered in room services, the service could be called Hermes' Speedy Delivery, as the god of Messengers it would be funny. The game room could be themed and named after Olympus itself, and the fitness center named after Hades' minions from the film, Pain & Panic's Fitness Club - see what i did, pain and fitness.. he he..

    Of course, there are more that could be done, but i think it is high time we got a brand new hotel, i mean Art of Animation is fine and all, but the buildings have been there for years, so something new would be great. Happy to hear your feedback and if you want, i have more ideas i am happy to share.


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    Re: new hotel idea

    Hey Luke! Great ideas. You might want to check out on Google...Disney designed a Mediterranean resort as well as a Persian one for WDW. They were never built. Look for the plans on line. It was supposed to look like a Greek fishing village. Would have been really cool!

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    Re: new hotel idea

    Cool idea, man.

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