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The flash pictures drive me nuts...in most cases, the flash is not going to help the picture come out at all, and practically every square inch of WDW has been photographed anyways! If you want a picture of a particular pirate from POTC, just google it!

PS -- I went to Disneyland this past summer, and I must say that I encountered much more of this type of behavior there than I have at WDW.
You and I must have been there at the same time. I literally yelled a woman on POTC "PUT IT AWAY!! NOW!!" I was about a minute away from grabbing her phone and hurling it into the drink.

Here's the thing - because I am such a park nerd, I know the amount of creativity, time, and planning that went into creating each attraction - there is a story and, in most cases, state of the art technology and artistic ability that went into creating that particular experience and it bugs me that I can't experience the attraction the way the imagineers intended because of some dingbat who is gabbing away about how the person she's with should just marry him before some other girl gets him and my sweetie and I went through the same thing and hey lean forward so I can get your picture in front of that pirate, all the while she's flashing away with her smart phone (ironic that some of the dumbest people known to man actually own something called a smart phone, but whatever).

They're missing the imagineering which is their problem but they're making me miss it too, which is mine. I realize that people are on vacation and some of us like to photograph EVERYTHING but I paid for my admission too. I remember my first visit to a Disney park and what a jaw dropping experience it was so I tend to have a bit of patience but c'mon. At some point, you need to realize that you are surrounded by people who would also like to have a good time. It took me three tries to finally get to actually see World of Color - because it's hard to see anything with everyone around you holding their smartphones over their heads to film it all. It's a terrific show -stop filming and WATCH the thing. You're getting to experience something that most people would love to be able to experience - put the phone down already.